Jolly Crafty Parties are Go!

Well, this is it!  My new Venture.

After much development and piloting Jolly Crafty Parties went Live in Edgeware in January, with the wonderful Jane and her friends.


I like to arrive a bit early, so kits can all be laid out, ready to start, and Vintage Tea prepared.  Doesn’t it look appetising!

We made tiny hats, using some fabulous tops from Woolyknit.

There was a nice mix of experienced crafters and novices, some had even done a bit of felting before, but everyone had a good time, and learned something new.img_20170114_181143

Every time I do one of these I am blown away by the sheer creativity of party guests, and how different all the finished products were.

Afterwards, the Birthday Girl said “This was such a good idea!  I love crafts, and I’m not good at standing around and drinking sort of parties. This was just perfect.  Can we do Space Dyeing next year”.

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