Hi, I’m Su Jolly, and I’ve spent most of my working life in front of groups of people teaching them to do something or other, and running events.  I’ve worked in all kinds of communities, and taught many things.  Most of them dull!

When not working, I can generally be found fidgeting with fibres of some sort, from fabric, to embroidery floss, to yarn, to roving.  I love making stuff, and I have an inexhaustible appetite for learning new things.  I knit, crochet, spin, dye, embroider (hand and machine) and of course felt.

Five years ago, this culminated in me leaving the world of formal, corporate employment, and setting up Jolly Dicey Costumers with my friend Kate Dicey, where we make elaborate fantasy costumes, for LARP, Re-enactment, and special occasions.  This keeps me busy on average three days a week.  Theres a facebook page, too!

Not satisfied with this, I’m now launching Jolly Crafty Parties, to put all that teaching and organising experience into something that I’m passionate about, Fibre Crafts!  And, to complement it, Kaleidoscope Fibre Art, on Etsy, where you can buy finished items, if you don’t want to learn to make them yourself!  I work from my Studio in my Conservatory on the edge of Sittingbourne, and I’m always experimenting with new techniques.  My machine Embroidery work can be found in Crewell and Unusual on Etsy.

As well as the parties blog on here, there is a more general blog A Kaleidoscopic Mind, where I record my musings on the life of a mad crafty lady.    Here are some things I have made recently!

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